Window Replacement

We’re proud to provide the CT Shoreline with window installations for any size property and project. 

Superior Home Remodelers works with homeowners, general contractors/builders, and architects to make sure your windows can sufficiently withstand the elements. We understand how important communication, scheduling and delivering on time is to our customers.

Why Replace Your Existing Windows?

We’ve found there are generally four basic reasons to consider replacing your window. We have different options and selections to meet all four:

Window Energy Efficiencies and Comfort

There are many different reasons as to why one window would be more energy efficient than another.  Some of them include:


  • How many panes a window offers-single, double or triple (or heat mirror option)
  • What spacer/seal the window has that seals up the panes of glass
  • Thickness of the glass


  • How thick the chambers/walls are in the frame of the window.
  • If a wood window, whether the wood is hardwood or composite type particle board.
  • If a vinyl window, whether the vinyl is virgin vinyl, recycled, welded or mechanically fastened.
  • How wide the actual frame is.
  • Whether the frame has insulation in and/or around the vinyl.
  • How much and what weather-stripping and weather bulbs the window has.
  • Whether the window interlocks at the sashes and/or where the sash meets the frame.

New Window Appearance

Many people replace their windows because their current ones are old, falling apart or out dated.  Some of the aesthetic options available include:

  • Different thicknesses of the frames
  • Different colors of the vinyl, wood, metal clad or fiberglass (White, Cream White, Tan/Almond, Beige, Clay, and Brown, stained or painted)
  • Whether you want the rich, warm look of real wood and the ability to change, paint or stain the interior in the future.
  • Whether you desire the maintenance free aspects of vinyl.
  • Do you require the strength of an all fiberglass frame.
  • Painted exterior frames (Many different choices to choose from)
  • Optional Vinyl Frames with Wooden Interiors
  • Wood grain look options on the interior of the frames (Several options)
  • Different grid/grille (mutton) styles and options (in different patterns and materials-etched, brass, colored, two tone, etc.)
  • Different styles of windows (i.e. geometric shapes, casement versus double hung, three lite slider versus bay option, etc.)
  • Specialty options such as blinds between the panes of glass, special etchings on the glass, different glass patterns (frosted, glue chip, etc.)
  • Different configurations (cottages, oriels, transoms above, etc.)
  • Half or full fiberglass or aluminum screens or betterview screens for casements

Ease of Operation

Many people change their windows out for a more practical reason—they have difficulty opening, keeping open, and/or cleaning their current ones.  All of the windows we carry offer tilt in easy cleaning options, no bulky storm windows to remove, and proven operating systems that allow smooth, easy operation for years to come.  Some of our lines even offer a ‘keep clean’ glass option that practically eliminates the need of cleaning the glass entirely.

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