Interior Trim

Trim and moulding are one of those details that adds definition, style and design to any room. Something as simple as door or window trim can define the style of a room. For example, wide planks with a natural stain can give a room a rustic or country ambiance whereas creamy white fluted trim and bull nose corners lend a more traditional feel. But door and window trim is just the beginning: There are many ways to use trim to bring an air of luxury and elegance to an interior.

You can use decorative trim and molding to highlight and feature different areas of your room. By using pieces that are complementary to the trim around your fireplace or French doors you can seamlessly pull the design together. The most effective technique is to paint or stain the trim and molding to match the existing trim of the room. If you aren’t able to do that, then at least match the trim types. For instance, if your windows and doors are trimmed in a dark stained wood, don’t use a white plastic on the ceiling. While this isn’t a terrible look against your white ceiling, it wouldn’t quite flow with the room’s other dark trim. Try to maintain consistency.

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