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Superior Home Remodelers  aren’t your average home remodeling company. Based in New London County, we pour our hearts into every property we flip, and we love to tell the story behind each home as it undergoes an interior and exterior face lift.
flip house superior home remodeling ctWe are careful to tackle big-picture issues while also paying enormous attention to detail. Before we pick up a hammer, we determine an optimum floor plan, and our team brings that vision to life as if we were going to live there ourselves.
If your are interested in one of our flipped properties or considering remodeling services we also offer include:

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Superior Home Remodelers is your one stop shop! We have the expertise to handle all your remodeling needs. Exterior and Interior! No matter what the task may be, we have the knowledge, resources and experience to take it on.

We strive to have the highest quality customer service in the industry. We have a reputation that we are proud of. Because of this excellent reputation and our commitment to the highest standards, we have enjoyed considerable growth over the past several years.


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